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Software: Playbro
RTP: 95.3%
Software: Playbro
RTP: 96.5%
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 94.07%
Software: Playbro
RTP: 96.2%
Software: Yggdrasil
RTP: 94%
Software: Thunderkick
RTP: 96.16%
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 94.06%
Software: Quickspin
RTP: 96.18%
Software: Playbro
RTP: 95.6%
Software: Play'n GO
RTP: 94.26%
Software: Yggdrasil
RTP: 97.78%
Software: Thunderkick
RTP: 96.15%
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 93.4%
Software: iSoftBet
RTP: 96%
Software: Quickspin
RTP: 96%
Software: Playbro
RTP: 95.3%
Software: Habanero
RTP: 96.79%
Software: Play'n GO
RTP: 94.2%
Software: Yggdrasil
RTP: 96.33%
Software: Betsoft
RTP: 96%
Software: 1x2gaming
RTP: 95%
Software: Thunderkick
RTP: 96.14%
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 96.08%
Software: iSoftBet
RTP: 96%

Free casino slot machines without registration

For many years, slot machines have remained the most popular type of gambling. According to numerous surveys, casino slot games in South Africa are the favorite entertainment for more than a half of the respondents. What is the reason of their continued popularity? Let’s try to highlight their main advantages.

  • Large assortment. New games appear in the gambling industry every day. At you can find several thousand articles about the best casino slots.
  • Incredible selection of themes. Whatever your like, you can surely find casino slot machine dedicated to your favorite theme. Sports, cinema, history, literature, geography, etc. – the developers cover all popular niches.
  • Simple rules. Even if you decide to play casino slots for the first time, you will understand what to do in a few seconds. And you don’t need to learn the subtleties of calculating of payments or launching of prize functions. All these processes are automated.
  • Absence of complex strategies. This is not Blackjack or Poker. You don’t need to go deep into theory and practice skills. You just need to choose a bet, spin the reels and get to know the result. The odds of winning are equal for both a beginner and an experienced gambler.
  • Variety of possibilities. Developers of casino machines are constantly trying to surprise their gamblers. They offer unusual designs, original bonuses, themed tournaments, free spins, different prizes, unique symbols, custom rules for calculating of winnings, and much more.
  • Beautiful design. Online casino slots attract gamblers with bright design, beautiful graphics, excellent animation and high-quality sound.
  • High percent of return. Of course, slot machine cannot be classified as the most profitable casino games. However, casino’s revenue on the best slots is in the range of 2-3% that is a good indicator.
  • Jackpots. Most of the largest jackpots are played on slot machines. If you hear about multi-million dollar win, you can be sure that almost always it was received in a slots casino.
  • Range of bets. Usually high rollers and micro-limit fans can play on the same casino slot machine, which offers bets in a very wide range.

As you can see, this type of gambling has a huge number of advantages that make it so popular in the online casino industry.

Types of casino slot machines and their games

Casino slot machines can be divided into groups according to different criteria related to their design, list of available functions, theme, range of bets and other characteristics.

The 2 main categories of casino machines are:

  • Traditional. Classic casino games with 3 reels, 1-5 lines, standard symbols and a limited set of additional features.
  • Multifunctional. Slots games with 5 reels (sometimes with another amount) and various bonuses. Usually, jokers, scatters, free spins, prize tournaments and other options are available in them.

Such a division in the world of gambling is quite a matter of convention, because developers often release slot machine games that are at the turn of these two genres. On the one hand, unique functions can be realized in classic casino games; on the other hand, a typical 5-reel casino slot machine may offer traditional symbols and primitive gameplay in keeping with the first fruit machines.

Another fundamental difference between casino slots is in the field of their use:

  • Online casino slots;
  • Slot machines for real offline casinos.

Several developers release the same games in multiple versions, including a version that is adapted to play on smartphones.

In recent years, the conditional division of casino slot machines by dispersion has been gaining popularity. In gambling this indicator is also called volatility and variability. The higher it is, the less frequent but larger the winnings.

Commonly there are 3 levels of variance:

  • Low – prize combinations are formed at almost every spin, but a winning is often less than a bet;
  • Medium – the most common level with a moderate balance of winning and losing spins;
  • High – the streak of bad luck can stretch over dozens of spins, but even one winning can cover all the bets.

Also casino slot machines can be divided into groups according to the types of their jackpots:

  • Without jackpots;
  • With fixed jackpots;
  • With accumulative jackpots of different types.

Software developers determine the conditions for jackpot drawings.

In addition, casino games slots can be classified by the presence of functions: bonus games, free spins, jokers, bonus rounds, etc.

How to play casino slots?

The basic rules of slot machines can be explained in one sentence: ‘The goal of the slot casino games is to get a paid combination of symbols or to win in another available way’. It is often more difficult to choose a casino slot with the most profitable conditions than to play on it. The simplicity of this game is one of the key factors in the colossal success of slot machines.

Usually, all you need to do is select a bet and spin the reels. Moreover, you can even play in automatic mode and just watch what is happening on the screen.

If you want to understand all the subtleties of gameplay, you need to learn the following terms:

  • Winning combination. Traditionally these are several same symbols. The way they should be landed on the reels is specified in the rules of all casino slot games. Most often they should land in a line in the active line. Sometimes it is enough that they land on nearby reels. Less often, their position is not taken into account at all.
  • Special Symbols. These are some symbols that have special meanings. For example, Scatter symbols are paid regardless of their location and trigger free spins, while Wild symbols can be any symbol you need to get a winning combination.
  • Re-spins. These are free re-starts of the reels that are activated in some situations. Often some symbols remain on the screen during re-spins.
  • Free spins. These are series of spins for casino money, based on the bet from the previous spin. They also often have additional functions.
  • Risk game or round of doubling. Many casino slot machines offer gamblers to increase their winnings. In most cases, they just need to guess the color of the facedown card.
  • Bonus games. There are a few types of bonus rounds. The most common are ‘Pick a Box’, ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘Guess the Winner’, ‘Win your Opponent’ or ‘Find the Right Way’. In some online slots bonus games are unique and out of the scope of standard templates.
  • Progressive Jackpots. Accumulative jackpots are drawn according to different rules. Some of them are offered in all casino slot games of a certain brand. Some are available in one specific game only, not depending on the casino. And others are offered on a specific slot machine in a specific casino only.

On our portal you can find the rules of all casino slot games. You can get to know, how combinations are formed, how winnings are accrued, how special symbols work, what bonuses are available to gamblers and what surprises the game has.

Online casino in South Africa with mobile slot machines

All new casino slot games are available to play online on mobile casino sites or apps. The largest software developers and small studios adhere to this format. Slot machines in smartphone casinos are always have the same design as their desktop version; they have the same rules, bonuses and additional conditions. The difference is in interface only to make it convenient to play on small screens of mobile phones. Usually it’s about placement of buttons, size of elements and reduced requirements for device power and communication quality.

5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus:
150% up to 200 EUR
+100 Free Spins
* min. deposit is €10
Welcome Bonus:
* min. deposit is €20
4.8 rating
Casino Free SignUp Bonus:
or 50 free spins
* min. deposit is €2
4.8 rating
Welcome Bonus:
100% up to 300 EUR
* min. deposit is €1
4.8 rating
Welcome Bonus:
+ 250 Free Spins
* min. deposit is €10

Casino slot machines with bonus rounds

Most online slots have various bonus features. There are no bonuses in classic casino games only. But even in such games, developers often implement additional prize options.

Bonuses in casino slot machines have different types. Let’s mark out some of the most common ones:

  • Free Spins – series of additional spins that are played for casino money. Usually they are triggered when a few Scatter symbols appear on the screen at the same time.
  • Re-spins – some type of free spins. Most often, only one re-spin is triggered at once, but it can be triggered again and again, and their exact number is unknown in advance.
  • Wheel of Fortune – a reel with sectors, which indicate the amount of winning and other prizes.
  • Pick a Box is a commonly encountered bonus, during which a gambler needs to randomly choose boxes that hide different rewards.
  • Duel of Heroes. It is not the most popular bonus, but very interesting. Characters fight each other. The process can be automatic or require the participation of a gambler.
  • Race. Participants try to reach the finish line, overtaken their opponents. A gambler can bet on win of one of them, or even somehow help his favorite.
  • Movement in Cells is a bonus in keeping with board games, in which you need to throw a dice and walk across the field. There are a variety of such bonuses with unusual rules.
  • Additional multipliers. They increase coefficients, which involve on calculating of winnings for combinations.

Jackpots in online slots for South Africa

Jackpot is often called the maximum winning that can be got from casino slot machine. This is the largest fixed amount specified by each casino game’s rules and indicated in a special table.

Besides, in South Africa many slot machines draw progressive jackpots. Their size depends on the activity of gamblers that play casino games for real money. When making a bet, a small deduction is sent to a general prize pool.

Accumulative jackpots can be available:

  • On one specific casino slot machine;
  • On some online slots, but in one casino only;
  • On specific slot machine, which is available in several casinos.

Network jackpot can reach several million, because its amount are growing due to deductions from bets of several thousand gamblers of a huge number of casinos, but also it’s very hard to win due to a huge competition.

The rules of winning a jackpot on online slots in South Africa can be different. Here are some options:

  • Get a specific combination,
  • Fill the whole screen with a specific symbol,
  • Get a prize sector on the wheel of fortune,
  • Complete some requirements during the bonus game,
  • etc.

Sometimes only gamblers, who place higher bets, can play the jackpot. Always carefully read the rules of every drawing and remember that progressive slot machines often have a low RTP.

How to choose casino slot machine?

Pay attention to the next basic criteria for choosing new casino slot:

  • Theoretical Return or RTP (Return To Player). The higher the better. This is a universal rule. But remember that not all slot casino games have a fixed RTP. Sometimes you need to perform some specific actions to get maximum return. Also don’t forget that it is a long-distance parameter.
  • Level of dispersion. Not everyone likes small winnings in almost every spin or a lot of spins without winnings at all. Choose casino slot that suits your expectations of comfortable gambling.
  • Range of bets. Are you satisfied with the minimum and maximum bet limits? Make sure of it before gambling.
  • Special requirements. While playing some slots online, gamblers can affect the odd of winning. For example, if a bonus bet raises the return rate, or if jackpot is played when it reaches specific amount only. A new trend is to develop slot casino games that require special knowledge or skills from gamblers. If you want improve your chances, remember it.
  • Such parameters as bonuses, theme of a game, quality of graphics, usability are subjective, so our recommendations are needless here.

How to win slot machines in South Africa?

A lot of articles on the website are about strategies and betting systems on casino slot machines. Our experts advice only if some slot in casino allows gamblers to affect the return rate. Usually, such an opportunity is available on online slots with bonus bets, unique prize rounds, a multilevel system or with special conditions for winning jackpots.

How to play casino slots for free?

You can test (play free slots) right here at Our site contains demo versions of slot machine casino games from the most well known developers. We offer only licensed online casino slots, so you can be sure that when you decide to play for real money, the game will have the same rules as in its free version.

Free casino slots are launched directly on our website. You don’t need to download and install them. You can play free casino slot games for fun and, at the same time, learn their rules and system of bets until you decide if it’s worth to play for real money.

How to play online casino slots for real money?

There is no opportunity to play online casino slots for real money on our site. Here you can play free casino slot games for testing. To launch real casino slots, you just need to follow the link to casino site. Our game reviews contain the lists of the best casinos where you can play this game for real money. Reviews of our experts in online slot machines for South Africa will help you choose the right online casino.

Reviews of slot machines at

All the articles on our site are written by authors with wide experience in gambling. Experts from South Africa test slot machines and write about their capabilities in thematic publications. And you can comment any of them. Every comment, if it doesn’t break the rules of, is published with preservation of the author’s spelling, punctuation and style.

The last recommendation from

The variety of casino slot machines can confuse even an experienced gambler. There are a lot of new casino slots, but not all of them deserve your attention. If you don’t want to waste time, read best online casino reviews at Our experts in online slots for South Africa test new games every day and write about their pros and cons for you.

Good luck!

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