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On this page you will find not only the best and honest online casinos with a huge number of poker games online, but also the most popular poker rooms. We have also prepared demo games for you, in which you can hone your skills for free.

Our website CasinosAfrica.net contains demo versions of various online poker games. Games in demo mode are for free play only. Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds are not provided for them.

Free poker games (demo modes) are designed for learning the rules and control panel. A beginner learns how to play poker without the risk. And only when he is ready, he can play poker online for money. Here you can play poker online for free and without registration. The virtual balance can be replenished an infinite number of times by refreshing the page.

What is the difference between playing poker in casino and in poker room?

There is a huge difference between online casino poker in South Africa and poker, which is played in a poker room. These types of poker should not be confused as they have significant differences. Below we will discuss it in details.

Best poker casinos

Here you can see our rating of the best poker casinos from our experts:

5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus:
200% up to 3000 ZAR
+ 150 free spins
* min. deposit is 20 ZAR
4.8 rating
Welcome Bonus:
1000 EUR
+ 100 free spins
* min. deposit is €1
4.5 rating
Welcome Bonus:
100% up to 100 EUR
* min. deposit is €0.20
4.3 rating
Welcome Bonus:
100% up to 300 EUR
* min. deposit is €1
4.0 rating
Welcome Bonus:
* min. deposit is €20

If you prefer classic online poker “player vs player”, then below in this article you will find a rating of the best poker rooms!

What is casino online poker?

When we talk about casino online poker, we mean a set of games based on playing poker against the casino. Don’t confuse it with a game like video poker. In fact, the most popular poker today is PvP- version, such as Texas Holdem Poker. Video poker that does not require knowledge of poker strategy is less popular.

As it was mentioned above, casino online poker is not a game, but a genre. Top online casinos offer 2-3 poker options. The most popular online games are Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker. Both are enhanced versions of the traditional 5-card poker game adapted for playing against the casino. Oasis Poker is also gaining popularity.

Different poker games in online casinos

Best poker casinos offer various poker formats: table games, video poker, table games with live dealers. Each format has its own features, which at first glance seem not obvious, but significantly affect the gameplay.

Board games

For a long time, electronic poker simulators (interactive tables with a control panel) were considered a traditional format for casinos. In such simulators gamblers compete with a virtual croupier or a computer program. A random number generator deals the cards. And to win you need to collect a combination that is stronger than casino’s one.

Video poker

This is a variation of casino slots with a poker storyline. Initially, this format was recognized in land-based casinos. Video poker machines were placed in halls together with slot machines. The gambler is dealt cards and offered to make an exchange. Dealer does not play the game. And to win you need to collect a combination for which a payout is provided.

Casino Live poker

The basis of this casino poker format is video broadcast from a land-based gambling establishment or a provider’s studio. Live poker in South Africa is gaining more and more popularity on the Internet lately.

The gambler sees the dealing of cards by a live dealer in real time. The process completely repeats the game in a land-based institution.

It does not use a random number generator. Programming code is used for remote betting and payout. The format is optimal for gamblers who do not trust the random number generator.

What is poker room?

If you decided to play poker online, you have 2 options to do it:

  1. In online casino
  2. In poker room

The main difference between these 2 options is your opponent. When playing in the online casino, you paly against it. When playing in the poker room, you play against other gamblers.

Experts of CasinosAfrica.net prepared rating of the best poker rooms for you.

The best online poker rooms

When our team reviews casino games, we often advise readers to take a look at the software developer. It can help to get an idea of ​​what quality to expect. However, in online poker, you don’t need to worry about software developers. Legal poker rooms in South Africa are structured differently. These sites are huge platforms and communities. And their strength is the number of people forming them. However, there are standards that need to be met.

Our rankings of poker websites are based on all aspects of the poker room, including payment methods and payout speeds, device compatibility, game selection and security.

How we rank online poker rooms

Below we have compiled a checklist of requirements that guide us when evaluating poker rooms in South Africa. This will ensure that you get the best possible gaming experience.

  • License. We check that every site of online poker in South Africa has a valid online gambling license.
  • Software. Our team adheres to sites that provide the widest variety of ways to play. It’s nice when you have the opportunity to play directly in your browser, download the game to your computer or install the application on your mobile phone. This ensures that you can always access your favorite online poker game whenever you want to play.
  • Bets’ range. Poker rooms must have a wide range of bets.
  • Banking opportunities. It is very important to be able to quickly and easily make a deposit and cash out from poker websites.
  • Free games. On any site from our rating you can play free poker games or take part in tournaments with free bonuses. It’s a great way to get a grasp on a poker software platform that you’ve never tried before. Due to free online poker you can get comfortable with the game without risking and only then, when you are ready, play real money poker!

Benefits of playing online poker

Playing poker at a casino or in a poker room is much better than to do it in land-based casinos or bookmakers at fixed odds terminals. At first, when you play online, there is no time limit. Want to wait 10 minutes while you prepare your cup of coffee? Not a problem. The popularity of casino poker online is growing, but it still has a long way to go before it reaches the heights of Blackjack. As a result, land-based casinos rarely offer more than 1 version of a game. Online casinos have multiple versions that are available 24/7. Without human dealers to pay, online casinos can offer games at lower rates than land-based establishments.


The best online casinos in South Africa
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